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Our intuitive software will do all the hard work for you: collating tickets, distributing to your agents, offering scripting prompts, automatically recording the call and outcome in your CRM, and delivering your management team top line performance reports.

When you take away all the hassle of multiple software and replace with one omnichannel solution, what are you left with? Your experts doing what they do best: delivering an incredible service to your customers, Human to Human.

The Power of Engagement


Our cloud contact centre solution allows your customers to engage with you on the convenient channel of their choosing, all coordinated within one platform for a seamless, customer experience.

Why Omnichannel?

  • One platform, to speak to every customer

  • Intuitive message routing, workflows and schedules 

  • Engage with more customers more efficiently  than ever before

  • Full visibility of customer journeys and advisor performance

Predictably reliable for customer service excellence

Predictive Dialler

The Connex One platform enables call centres to make targeted outbound campaigns with ease, driving productivity within your business whilst keeping costs down. 

No longer be restricted by outdated list creation technologies, SQL Dial allows you prioritise records the way you want to at the click of a button. Let the advanced algorithms keep wait times to a minimum and amplify your contact rate to new levels.

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Calculated intelligence refining what you do best

Athena AI

Decode your data and with Athena, a bot with brainpower. Drive decisions within your business based on accurate, real-time data & behaviours, allowing you to stand out as more proactive in a traditionally reactive environment.

Athena Speech

Athena Speech

Analyse all your voice interactions to detect customer and agent emotions, identifying everything from upsell opportunities to positive/negative customer sentiment.

Athena Connect

Athena Connect

Review customer preferences to maximise chances of success. For example, if a customer specifies to be contacted in the morning, they will only appear in a call queue before 12pm.

Athena Chat 

Athena Chat 

Cutting edge Live Chatbot that can handle larger volumes of enquiries around the clock. Delivering a consistent brand experience for FAQs while freeing up your advisors for more complex matters.

Athena HR

Athena HR

 From self-service training and internal policy adherence checks to calculating attendance, Athena HR can cover the laborious parts of HR and let your team get back to what they do best.

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Form designer

Bespoke built forms allow you to capture the information you need from the customer at the start of their journey with you. Whether you want to collect data for simple workflow purposes or for a detailed breakdown of personal information for a comprehensive quote, we can design a form to suit you.



Our cutting edge technology can reshape your business model to enhance productivity in your workforce. Increased visibility also captures real-time data and secures a robust metric for managing success and quality control.

Incentivise your employees by rewarding positive behaviour 


Clever and fun gaming mechanics encourage your teams to hit their KPIs, whether that’s  “increase lead conversions” or “better customer service rating”. The Connex One gamification feature is flexible and innovative, helping your business hit its goals and increase:

  • Visibility of productivity

  • Increase staff retention rate

  • Align employees with your business’ long term strategy

  • Incentivise your employees with achievable targets

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