Capture the information you need

Control the conversation

Easily create and customise dynamic online forms with a user-friendly design canvas, drag-and-drop controls, and advanced business logic.

Faster Sales leads

Faster Sales leads

Whether you’re qualifying a lead or generating a quote, gather all the information you need from the start.

improve customer satisfaction

improve customer satisfaction

Nurture existing customers by routing questions to the right place and solving their queries quicker.

Responsive and flexible

Responsive and flexible

Build and share forms across any device or platform.

No Code Needed

No Code Needed

Connex One Forms are quick and easy to create and customise without code. Just drag the controls on to the canvas, define your rules, and publish.

accurately collect information

accurately collect information

Save time and reduce errors by collecting the right data at the right time with conditional formatting, validation rules & advanced logic.

Control the Conversation

Website forms

Convert more website visitors into customers with bespoke designed forms that are simple to set up and fill out.

Apply pre-set or custom business rules to build dynamic forms that respond based on user input. Conditional formatting and validation allow end-users to see only the fields they need to fill out, ensuring the right information is collected the first time around.

complete and consolidated customer data

Information capture sheets

The Connex One Form Designer will do the hard work for you. Equip your agents with the full context of the customer journey and interaction history, enabling educated and precise intervention.

Create the form you want in minutes with effortless drag-and-drop data fields powered by intuitive API routing.

  • No Code Needed

    Simply drag and drop the features you want, while sophisticated scripts run in the background to bring powerful data capture screens to life.

  • INTEGRATION with existing systems

    Connect to external data sources and Plugins with ease when building, which sync up workflows to your CRM and ticketing system.

  • Conditional Logic

    Build in auto-responses or conditional logic to guide your agents into having productive conversations and a highly personalised user experience.

accurate data driven insights

benefits of using forms

The Connex One Form Designer isn’t a one way street of inbound information coming in, its an intuitive way to learn more about your customers and refine what you do.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

With powerful API technology, you’ll get instant alerts when someone fills in your form which is then automatically mapped to the agent best suited to answer the query.



Not only can you get a clear idea where your leads come from, but our reporting suite can tell your form’s page views, conversion rates, error score, and a lot more.

improved customer experience 

improved customer experience 

Not only can you speed up the time that a customer gets a response, but you can respond with increased precision by knowing exactly what they need.

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Automated enterprise form solutions

Quality Control Forms

Streamline and refine existing processes with Quality Control Forms. Follow up completed forms with alerts, prompt approval processes, and launch escalations.

Managers can have a clear view on workloads by attaching custom statuses and deadlines to outstanding tasks, then automatically send reminders about upcoming deadlines.

  • automated task management

    Send alerts, launch escalations and begin approval process directly from form fills.

  • Instantly Correct Issues

    Generate action plans with escalation points and immediate corrections at the end of forms.

  • Define Custom workflows

    Set up workflows that automatically assign follow-up tasks based on specific responses and form scores.



Engage your agents with natural workflows complemented by powerful AI driven insights.

Our user-friendly design canvas is a simple way to create powerful forms. Drag-and-drop controls, combined with advanced business logic make it easy to customise your forms all your business needs.

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