Connex One achieves full ISO 9001 compliance for a second year

Connex One achieves full ISO 9001 compliance for a second year

As the expanding landscape of customer engagement creates new levels of demand for reliable customer engagement (CX) systems, the importance of quality management from CX providers has become more important than ever. A Quality Management System (QMS) such as the ISO 9001 certificate is one of the best ways to reassure clients of this.

ISO 9001 is a clear demonstration to new businesses and markets of your competency. Connex One first implemented ISO 9001 in 2020 and continue to ensure we exceed meeting best practices globally. We have just completed our first surveillance audit for ISO9001:2015 in which no non-conformities were raised.  

“At Connex One we want to assure our stakeholders that we can provide the best software and support in the industry. We are audited several times annually which provides impartial and credible feedback on how our management system is performing”, says Beth Longthorn, Compliance Director at Connex One. 

According to the certification body, Connex One appear to be highly customer-focused, with a culture of continual improvement evident. Connex has a structured management system incorporating multiple management system standards along with robust technology capabilities that have enabled operations to be maintained throughout the pandemic. The certification body closed in saying the organisation continues to function effectively. 

At Connex One, we take absolute pride in ensuring that we improve year on year with a commitment to improving our customer satisfaction and the quality of our omnichannel products.  

What does it mean to be ISO 9001 Compliant?

ISO 9001 has an incredible history dating back to the World War II era, undergoing multiple revisions on a worldwide stage. It has been created by the International Standards Agency and has become the world’s best-known quality management system. 

The standard is based on 7 quality management principles

1. Customer Focus

2. Leadership

3. Engagement

4. Process Approach

5. Improvement

6. Evidence-based decision making

7. Relationship Management

Why the ISO 9001 standard is important?

To be awarded with ISO certificates, an independent third party will assess an organisation based on the required standards. 

The standard is universal and can be applied across a wide variety of business sectors. This helps procurement departments assess other companies more easily. 

Implementing the ISO 9001 process creates results, drives efficiency and gives the business a framework for continual improvement. Remaining ISO 9001 compliant is an important element for Connex business functionality but reassures our customers of our enhanced competencies. 

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