All Connex One clients benefit from our secure, cloud-based platform.

Agents, technical and financial departments alike enjoy our easy to use, enterprise level system. However, our success doesn’t just come from the implementation of the platform, it comes from the great, long lasting partnerships we form with our clients.

Read about our success stories below.

  • “The future for Connex One and Old Mutual is significant, an aggressive omnichannel strategy saw our quote time go from 11 mins down to 2.”

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  • “Connex One is the best Customer Engagement Platform in the marketplace, I would recommend it to anyone. Since implementing the solution our sales have gone from strength to strength.”

  • “We have had minimal downtime since starting our journey and everything we have requested has been done quickly. The help has been amazing.”

    Liam West, IT Manager

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  • “I can’t recommend Connex One highly enough. The functionality makes it’s nice and simple to report on our advisers, campaigns and data with ease.”

    Mark Carroll, Operations Director

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  • “Easy to use and a great service. This omnichannel system is set out clearly, stable and well organised which is why it is our chosen method to engage with our customers.”

    Claire Donnelly Proctor – O2 Business Center

  • “The capability of the system to do even more than we needed meant we could improve our business in line with Connex One’s functionality.”

    Emma Stewart, Head of Service

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  • “The service provided by Connex One has benefited our organisation immensely. The technical support is something that really sets the company apart.”

    Ghulam Murtaza 

  • “Since moving over to the Connex One platform, we have never looked back. A great system for communicating with our patients.”

  • “A dialler system that can effectively connect our sales agents with our customers, a data system with reliable reports, a flexible partner to consult with. – Connex One have delivered in abundance.”

  • “Connex One has helped our offshore office in the Philippines feel more connected than ever.- Response times are great and our connectivity has increased 20% since on-boarding them.”

  • “Connex One’s HA solution has ensured 100% up-time for our business since the we had the system installation over 2 years ago. Cloud software is revolutionary, now we don’t have to worry about backups and future expansion space.”

  • “We have worked alongside Connex for many years now. Nothing is ever too much for this team. An exceptional outfit with one of the most robust systems in the industry, allowing our businesses to excel at the things we do best.”

  • “Connex One are UK based with their own IP, supported out of Manchester with a 24/7 help-desk. The functionality and road map are amazing and we feel completely confident that they can support our growth plans.”

  • “Connex have an operational team that understands our business, we’ve seen a 25% uplift across our outbound activities compared with the other systems we’ve tried.”

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