artificial intelligence

The future of your contact centre

AI & automation could be the difference between maximising your workforce’s potential, having satisfied customers and reducing overall operating costs. With our propriety AI system, coupled with the Connex One platform as a whole, could revolutionise the way you interact with your customers through speech analytics, sales AI, live chat and more.

AI and Automation

Speech Analytics

AI Speech


    Easily understand trends in customer conversations to ascertain customer satisfaction


    Save your business time and money with automated transcription for all your calls


    Increase opportunities to up-sell by targeting how key words are used.


    Truly understand how your customers feel about your business with IVR surveys

Sales AI

AI Connect

  • automated customer preference review

    Review customer preferences eg: time of day so only make them available to contact outside work hours

  • best time to call/interact

    Give your sales team the best time to call and interact with customers and improve overall conversion rates

  • optimal method of contact

    Contact your customers through their preferred method of contact with intelligent machine learning and automated processes

virtual agent

AI Chat

  • understand customer intent with machine learning

    Our system understands customer intent, gets better over time and is smart enough to escalate and transfer to a human agent

  • relieve staff of mundane tasks

    Let AI loose on the mundane matters so your agents can strut their stuff on the more strenuous situations

  • seamless integration with your system

    Seamlessly integrate AI with the Omnichannel module to transition conversations between chat bots and humans

  • collate information from various data sources

    AI will continuously learn from a variety of data sources; FAQs, email archives, chat transcripts and your own website to ensure you stay current

Human resources 

AI hr

  • gain resource statistics based on historical INTERACTIONS

    Working with Workforce Management stats, HR AI will intelligently predict staffing requirement by reacting to team attendance and shift management 


    Use historical interaction stats – gain resource insights based on your last X weeks

  • remove HR/TL process with automated functions

    Automatically accept/reject holiday requests based on current/previous staffing intelligence, remove the HR/TL approval process