4 Customer Service Agent Frustrations that Omnichannel Engagement Can Solve

4 Customer Service Agent Frustrations that Omnichannel Engagement Can Solve

Sean Fielding

10th June 2020  |  Customer engagement

Working in customer communication can be frustrating for agents. Whether it’s an endless queue of waiting customers, disjointed processes or questions over personal performance; there are many potential pain points facing agents in the field.

With customer satisfaction now a top priority for businesses, and with agents often facing multiple tasks within each interaction, the need for a reliable customer engagement system is high.

At Connex One, we make the delivery of quality customer communications possible through omnichannel engagement and simplify processes to create a more streamlined experience for agents.

Here’s just a few examples of how Connex One omnichannel customer engagement can help improve work for customer service agents

1. Communication that meets your customer’s preferences

There’s nothing more frustrating than an unwanted phone call. Whether you’re a customer or an agent, calls at the wrong time can be a headache and ultimately feel like a waste of everyone’s time.

When rejecting a call, customer’s will often ask why they didn’t receive another form of communication that is more convenient for their needs. Whether that’s a letter in the post, a quick email, or a private message through social media or instant messenger apps such as WhatsApp. This is where the need for omnichannel engagement comes in.

Connex One omnichannel supplies a whole range of communication methods to agents, allowing them to reach customers across all popular platforms.

Connex One omnichannel also collects and saves the preferred methods of communication selected by the customer, meaning that firms can ensure their agents are always only using the specified communication when handling interactions.

2. Integrations cut down on admin time

When handling multiple customer engagements in quick succession, having to switch between different systems can be a pain for agents. 

Sifting through customer databases, manually transferring and matching their details to data stored on websites or CRM platforms, can be a laborious process that takes up too much time.

By integrating with existing databases and website APIs, Connex One omnichannel removes these tasks from the hands of agents and performs them automatically. 

Therefore leaving agents with shorter admin times between engagements, more time to satisfy customers and also minimises the probability of human error when manually handling data from multiple sources.

3. Knowing who to contact next with auto-ticketing

For many customer service agents, their activity can often exceed over 100 hundred unique customer engagements per day. 

When handling so many cases, deciding who to contact next can cause a lot of stress for agents, who may struggle with prioritising their workload and juggling the competing needs of customers.

When using Connex One, our auto-ticketing feature allows firms to pre-determine which customer tickets should be assigned to each agent, and the different levels of priority that determine which should be handled first.

By using auto-ticketing, agents avoid wasting time worrying about if their current call is the right one to be handling and can instead focus on delivering high quality service to their customer.

4. Advanced reporting and visibility of performance

A big part of handling customer engagements is making sure you’re doing a good job. Whether it’s achieving a great rate of customer satisfaction, processing a high volume of interactions or achieving more sales for your business, knowing you are performing well as an agent can be hugely motivating.

However, many softphone or customer engagement platforms not only don’t share this kind of information with agents, but often don’t even record it for clients.

Connex One omnichannel comes with a whole host of data and reporting streams for both clients and their agents, allowing firms to share and visualise agents’ progress across a range of metrics (e.g. call wait times, total number of engagements, and overall customer sentiment).

Our omnichannel system also allows for prompting of agents who may be underperforming or lagging in certain metrics, as well as reward schemes and gamification for motivating agents and teams to improve their performance.

At Connex One, we believe a fully equipped customer service agent is an agent who can succeed and be productive.

If you would like to increase the productivity of your customer service teams, trial Connex One omnichannel for free or request a demo here.